Bath time

Norah Kate's bath time has become one of my absolute FAVORITE times of the day.  She has gotten to where she really likes it and is so calm and content during it.  We sing songs and play in the water and I get smiles every time (even though she isn't really in the pictures below - ha ha!)  
She is 6 weeks now!  I updated everyone in the last post on all she is doing now, so I thought I'd write about one of our favorite times for her "6 week post."  Today we are going to Jackson for a wedding shower and to see some great friends.  We are excited!!!

Here is Norah kate in the bathtub - we try to sing a new song every night (although the night we sang "Jesus loves the little children" she pooped twice and peed once...so now we save that one for when we have a diaper on!)  :)

So cute!  Enjoy the weekend everyone!  


I'm smiling!!!

Norah Kate will be 6 weeks old on Friday!!!  I cannot believe how fast this month and a half has gone by!  (I don't even have birth announcements out yet...oh well)  She is really doing great.  She eats every 3 hours during the day and sleeps anywhere from 4-5 hours the first time around at night and then wakes up every 3 hours after that (almost to the minute I might add).  She weighed 9lb 1 oz (with clothes on) when I took her up to St. Jude to visit the other day.  And...

She's smiling!!!
I LOVE her smiles.  I think I could look at her (and these pictures) ALL DAY!!!
We are so happy to have our happy girl!

...we are a little behind on posts, so be sure to look down at our other posts to read about our Easter and Norah Kate meeting her Great grandmother.  Ok everyone - Good night!


*For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.  1 Corinthians 1:18

This year we were able to celebrate Easter in Pocahontas with my side of the family, AND it was Norah Kate's first road trip!!!  She did amazing - slept well and didn't cry in the car at all!  I really want us to be able to teach Norah Kate why we celebrate Easter.  I tried to tell her all about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins during one of our nursing sessions...but I'm not sure she understands yet.  :)  Seriously though, we do want to begin telling her now about Jesus and his life/death and hope that she will come to understand it - and how it affects her - as soon as possible.
Of course we had to take some pictures since we were dressed up for church.  Here is our little family!
All 4 of us...Chula kept trying to lick Norah Kate's head!

And then came the presents...  
It is funny how the attention shifts to the baby for all the presents.  :)  I really don't mind though...and really welcome the lack of attention to some extent.  
Here is the cute hat that Aunt Lauren bought for NKC.
Poor kid - I guess that will teach her not to fall asleep at family functions...so cute though!
"Look at my new house slippers that Great GM Mama Joyce bought!"  or should we say a.k.a. one of the Easter Bunnies!  I wore them on the trip home too.
I think this picture is so cute...we had a great time in Pocahontas and did not want to leave.  Can't wait until the next trip!

A Special Visitor

Last week Norah Kate had a very special visitor...her Great Grandmother!  We were so excited that Mama Joyce, Ruthie (my Aunt) and Suzanne (my cousin) were able to come from Kentucky to meet our little girl.  It was a fast trip (1 day), but we will take what we can get!!!  As you can see, Norah Kate ate up the attention!  She still welcomes anyone who will hold her.  Ha Ha!  We don't know when we'll get a chance to visit Mama Joyce at her house, but we can't wait!  Thank you Mama Joyce, Ruthie, and Suzanne for coming to visit...and for the presents and goodies!  We love you!

Here is Norah Kate being held by her Great Grandmother for the 1st time...she loved to smile @ her.
Do you think they resemble each other?
Mary Ruth (Mama Joyce's best friend and our "adopted" grandmother) sent Norah Kate this doll...I think she's going to like it!
Here is Suzanne with Norah Kate...sorry Ruthie, we didn't get any pictures of you and Norah Kate both looking at the camera.  


10 Things that make me smile...

...in no particular order. :)
1. Norah Kate stretching and the faces she makes when she first wakes up
2. Sunday family naps - especially with Norah Kate in my arms...and Chula on the couch with David
3. When Norah Kate smiles...or when she looks like she is laughing but no sound is coming out.
4. Being outside/walks in the neighborhood
5. Chula sitting up and trying to stay awake when her eyes are shutting
6. Our connection class/good friends
7. How the pastors faces light up when someone comes toward them to join the church or accept Christ
8. Sweet Tea (particularly from Chick-fil-A, El Porton, McAlisters, The Commissary/Corky's)
9. Pretty much anything Norah Kate does
10. David singing/talking to Norah Kate...its classic. :)


Our outside girl!

One thing we have learned about Norah Kate is that she LOVES to be outside!  If she is fussy, we can just even open the door and she starts to calm down.  Therefore, we have been spending MUCH of our time outside - walking with the stroller, playing with Chula, just sitting around, etc.  Fortunately the weather has been beautiful this week and so it has really made these times even more great.  

Here is Norah Kate showing off the flowers/flower bed that Granddaddy Ron planted for us while we were in the hospital...isn't it beautiful!  We do love PURPLE!  :) 

Chula is showing off our tulips.  They came up for the 2nd year in a row!!!  I don't know what we did right in this situation, but we are enjoying them.  
More purple flowers :)