10 months old

...or 10 1/2. Who's counting. :) Norah Kate was 10 months on January 6th. I know I've said this before, but she's just getting to be soooooo much fun! Here are her stats (that we know):

Weight: not sure???
Diapers: still size 2
Eating: She still nurses in the morning and at night, but we are doing formula for her mid-day bottle. She just wasn't taking enough from me and her weight had really slowed down. So around Christmas I switched her to formula. We did have a little setback as she was allergic to the milk-based formula...so now we are on soy and all is well. :) She also eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us. She is a great eater as far as liking most foods and will try anything. She loves eating what we eat. I guess she thinks it is cool. Ha ha!
She is sleeping really well...goes to bed between 8:30-9:00pm and wakes up between 7:30-8:00am. NICE!
New skills: Pulling up to a stand, can take a couple of steps to the side while holding on, still crawling so fast. She has also said her first word (kind of)...Ooah (Chula). The dog. No, not "mama," not "dada," but Ooah! She is very intentional about it. When Chula goes outside Norah Kate sits at the glass door and yells "Ooah!" the whole time. :) Fortunately "Ooah" is a very mild tempered dog with NK around...mostly just ignores her.
She is still an active dancer as well.
Here are some pictures of our big girl. She still loves her bath time and has learned how to splash. :)

Smiles from our big girl!
One of her favorite past times
Lovin' my bath!
SPLASHING some more!
She loves her bath toys!
She has also started putting her face in the water. It is pretty funny to watch because she is very careful while doing it. One time she did stay there a little too long though and I think it scared us both. She literally crawled out of the bathtub while gasping and coughing. I hope she learned her lesson.
I cannot believe that we will be having her 1st birthday in a little over a month! I am so happy to be her Momma and can't wait to see what is to come.


Christmas 2009

"...you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins." Matthew 1:21

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. Not only do I like the family, coziness, and traditions, but I love that this is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have been studying more of the events of Jesus birth this year. I have wondered many times what Mary must have thought when the angel appeared to her and told her she was, not only going to have a son at such a young age (probably early teens) when she was a virgin, but that this baby was going to be the SON OF GOD!!! Does anyone else become speechless at that moment, or is it just me. She was mature beyond her years and to think that she never disagreed to this task...I have so much to learn from her. I am also thankful that my husband and I have families that make it a point to put Jesus first and that we can count on them continuing to do that as they teach our daughter.

I guess you could say that this was an extension of our Christmas celebration since we had already celebrated with David's side of the family in November. Anyhow - we had a great time with my side of the family in Kentucky. My family celebrated Christmas with my mom's side every year growing up, so we have MANY traditions. Christmas Eve is spent with one side of my grandmother's family @ my Great-aunt June's house. Then we open our Christmas PJs from my grandmother. Christmas morning "Santa" comes, then lunch with another side of my grandmother's family (thankfully they come to her house...we don't have to go anywhere), and finally presents with all the aunts/uncles/cousins on Christmas evening. I am so thankful that we get to see so many relatives at Christmas.

Here is Norah Kate on Christmas Eve in her Christmas PJs. She didn't really want to leave the hat on.
Norah Kate's Santa set-up - Mama Joyce got her the doll & the hat says "Norah Kate"
She looked so happy to be getting her presents.

The family with her new toy from Santa
NK with her stocking...Mama Joyce made her stocking - isn't it beautiful?!

Here we are before church that Sunday - my happy girl!
Our family by the Christmas tree at my grandmother's house!

One of my good friends, Kari, lives in the same town as my grandmother. Kari's mom and my aunt, Ruthie, were best friends growing up...and Kari and I met at Union Univ. We were both nursing majors. I am so thankful that our friendship has continued since college. It is always so nice to see her when we to go Henderson. Here we are with our daughters. Naomi is (was...at Christmas) 4 months old. I think she likes to smile as much as Norah Kate!

We also enjoyed seeing my cousins, J.C. & Cory, but unfortunately didn't get any pictures from that night. This was our first time to meet Cory's wife, Trisha...she was so sweet.

The following are random pictures from our Christmas time...the majority were taken by David. I guess that is what I get for asking him to be in charge of the camera for awhile. :)

Jamie (my brother-in-law)
Norah Kate being tickled by her daddy!
Mama Lynn & Norah Kate - reading a new book
Suzanne with her Christmas PJs...footed PJs
My mom and her sisters on the couch
David watching my cousin, Jonathan play a videogame. Fun.
So, there were better pics of these two, but I thought this was the most entertaining. My sister and Jamie are expecting a baby in May and found out on Christmas that it is going to be a GIRL!
My cousin, Nathana, & her fiance, Zach
Cousins, Rachael & Wesley
I don't know this guy :)
Me (again...David had the camera)
Zach and a little bit of Ross to the left
My Dad

I think the only cousin that didn't get in on the pictures was, Sarah, Ross' wife...I guess she's the only smart one, huh? :) Well we had a great Christmas...it just went too fast. Norah Kate LOVED all the attention, but didn't mind getting back to our quiet house either...I think she missed all the crawling.