3rd Doc Appointment

What is going on?!...I mean, this is the 3rd post in less than a week!!!  (Which means it will probably be about 3 months before the next post!)  :)  
I had a prenatal appointment this morning, and it was pretty quick and uneventful (thankfully).  I am measuring @ 17 weeks...so right on track.  They were able to hear the heartbeat without any trouble, and we will go back in 3 weeks to find out if it is a boy or girl!!!  Yeah!  Not too much info today, so we are thankful. 


Updates & the Beach!!!

So...I think it has been about a month since I posted anything on here!  We have enjoyed the last month.  You will see in this post and the one under it that we have been doing quite a bit of traveling.  We went to Nashville for our nephew, Aiden's 1st birthday at the end of August, and then the 2nd week in September we went to Destin with David's family.  David's parents, Ron & Margie, just began their stateside assignment for about 7 months and are here in Memphis now.  We are lucky to have them around (especially with the pregnancy) and have really been spoiled since they arrived!  So...to start things off we took a family trip to the beach.  Since they are usually in Guatemala and can't really come in for that long (besides Christmas) we really took advantage of this time.  Here are some pictures:

This is the beach house that David's parents rented.  It was sooooo nice and we loved staying here.  

This is the pool @ the house...where we spent most of our time.  :)

The waves were pretty big because of Hurricane Ike (passing through the gulf).  This is David body boarding.  The next day they actually closed the beaches because the waves were so big and the ocean so rough.

Our sweet niece & nephews:  Isabella, Brooks, & Aiden.  

David (Uncle Dae Dae) & Isabella playing in the pool!

We had so much fun...and what made it even better was that my nausea went away that same week!  (well, except for a few episodes).  Pregnancy really isn't that bad when you feel good.  Ha ha!  :)  I have another appointment this week, so I will be posting about that.  We are now 17 weeks!

Aiden's 1st Birthday

What a cute cake!  It matched his invitations.

Jonathan, Aiden, & Julie - Aiden really liked the icing.  :)

Yeah Aiden!  You're 1 now!!!

I know it has been too long, but at least I'm getting around to blogging now!  :)  These are some pictures of our nephew, Aiden's 1st birthday.  We went to Nashville for his party at the end of August.  It was so cute!  Congratulations Aiden - you are getting so big!