Late 5 on Friday

1. I realize that my 5 on Friday is late...but we have just returned from visiting family in Shreveport! We had a great weekend, but are very tired. It is so nice to be exhausted for a GOOD reason. (Oh, and I guess that "spring forward" thing too)

2. Adoption Update: Many of you may have heard, but MOWA (the government agency in Ethiopia that is in charge of adoptions) gave word that as of March 10th they would decrease the number of adoptions per day by 90%. There are a lot of talks and negotiations going on in that country right now, but IF this does go into effect it could drastically prolong our adoption process. Please Please Please join us in prayer that 1) God's will is done 2) that this would not go through...or at least that it would not be as severe as what they are saying & 3) that God would give us wisdom on choices to make.

3. My smocking is on hold...I really need a dress to smock and am NOT will to pay $40 for a dress that I still have to smock.

4. David is leaving this coming Friday on his GO trip to Europe. Please pray for safety and boldness of him and the students and safety for Norah Kate and me while we are here in the good ole U S of A.

5. PE tube update: Norah Kate has seemed to recover just fine. She really doesn't mind the ear plugs that she has to wear in the bathtub. She is sleeping great and her speech is improving. Thanks for the prayers!!!


Happy Birthday Norah Kate!

Happy Birthday Little Lady! I have spent about 45 minutes trying to upload a video of you sliding on your new slide, but unfortunately that did not work out. But, I did not want to end the day without a post about your 2nd birthday.
Norah Kate, you are one-of-a-kind. You keep your Dad and me laughing and amazed at the things you do and say. Since you had tubes placed last week we have already noticed a change in your vocabulary for the better. You are saying multiple word sentences now and pronouncing most words MUCH better than before. You are about 35 inches tall and weigh right at 27 lb. You are able to climb up your new slide and slide down all by yourself. Your favorite food is blueberries and you really only drink "aqua" or apple juice. You are doing pretty good about your potty training, but not consistent yet...so we will keep working at it. We wake up excited EACH day to see you and to experience new things with you. We are so so thankful that God chose us to be your parents and we can't wait to see what this year brings!!! We love you very very very much.
Dad & Mama


Five on Fri....uh, Saturday!

1. This night 2 years ago I went to supper at Carrabba's with David, my parents & David's parents. It was such a nice dinner, but I couldn't help but think the entire time that it was our last dinner before becoming parents because...

2. The next morning we were induced and welcomed our sweet baby into the world. Yep...tomorrow is the little lady's 2nd birthday. We have had a FULL day of partying with friends and family. Thank you to all who made it so special. Now...

3. David is asleep on the couch. Norah Kate is asleep in her room. & I am sitting around at a DISASTER of a house; thankful, but dreading a Saturday night of cleaning and reorganizing. :) :(

4. I was able to get some smocking plates off of ebay...now if I could only get a dress to smock them onto!! Haha! Baby steps, right?

5. Adoption Update! We FINALLY heard back from the USCIS. We received our date for fingerprinting...but it is when David is out of the country! AHHHHH! So, we have sent in our form to reschedule the appointment (yes, it is a form...no phone rescheduling) and we are waiting again. :) David and I really appreciate your prayers throughout this process.