5th Anniversary

Five years ago today I became Mrs. Carothers...and I've never regretted it. I had a great time tonight on our Memphis date. David planned a wonderful evening and we had fun just re-living the past five years by sharing some of our favorite memories over dinner. I will try to post pictures in the next day or so...just wanted to say a very special Happy Anniversary to my husband. I love you and I am really fortunate to be with such an amazing person. God has been so good to us!


A video...and a tired Mom

I never posted a 13 month update on Norah Kate because well...there just wasn't a lot to update. She doesn't really have that many new skills, and we don't have weight/height stats. However, our little girl is REALLY expressing to us that she understands more and more of what we are saying to her. She nodds "yes" and shakes her head "no." She is signing "More," "please," and "thank-you." She is blowing kisses more, and she even does the sound for monkey...well, she does "Ah Ah Ah" like a monkey when we ask her what a monkey says. Anyway! David has been frustrated that she won't say "Daddy," and he spends a great amount of time with her trying to get her to say it. The other night at the dinner table he finally put his head down (after, literally, about 5-10 minutes of trying to get her to say "Daddy") and said "I just don't get it...you'll say "Chula" with no problems, but you won't say "Daddy." To which she instantly replied..."Chula?!" with a big grin. I couldn't help but laugh. :) Someday, right?
Here is a video with some of her skills. (sorry its sideways...not sure???)

In other news...I started seeing patients this week with my new job. I really do enjoy everything about the job. However, my 24 hr/week job has turned into MUCH more than that. As of today (Thursday) I've already worked almost 27 hours! I have been going in between 7a-8a and not getting finished until 2p-3p. Its really a long story to explain why, but I am hoping that after my training period is over that this will calm down and my hours will even out. ...and I'm hoping that will only be for another week at the most. :) Because after I finish my "real" job there is still a little girl waiting on me that needs lots of attention, a big boy (a.k.a. "husband) that needs me, meals to be prepared, and plenty of work to do around the house. Needless to say, I am exhausted; I mean...I am BEYOND tired. :) Ha Ha! I know I'm complaining. Oh well. So, to all of you who I was suppose to call or get in touch with this week...I apologize because its just not going to happen. :) Ha Ha!

Ok, enough about me...on to David...who has apparently torn his ACL. Yep, you read that right. He meets with the doctor again tomorrow to find out about surgery, etc, so we will post more then. This happened while he was playing in a Union Alumni Soccer game last weekend. We hate that this happened though especially because he was training to run in the Music City Half Marathon next Saturday. He was doing so well too. I was so proud of him and the dedication that he was putting into his training. Oh well...now our prayer is that this can be fixed quick and effectively, and that David will be safe during the process.

So...until next time...


Quick Easter Post

Happy Late Easter Everyone! I just wanted to post a few pics from this past weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get pics myself...I only have the ones that my sister sent me. The ones I've included aren't her "dressy" pictures...just the fun, egg dying ones. :)

We just quickly let her use the "dye Q-tip" things to paint a few eggs. She seemed to like it.
Here she is trying it out for herself...I was pretty impressed!
Our finished product! Now, you may be thinking "wow, only a little dye above the lip!" However, you cannot see the other side of her arms in this picture! :)

As I have mentioned before, Norah Kate LOVES to be outside. Her baby-sitter said today "She's so happy outside!" We are really enjoying this weather daily. I have started a new job, so I am working every morning now, but fortunately I have every afternoon off just to spend with my little girl!!!