Birthday & Halloween Celebrations

Happy (Late) Birthday, David!!!

On Wednesday, David turned the big 2-8! :) Unfortunately we really didn't celebrate much. :( I had the flu last weekend...which lingered until Wednesday. We did make his coffee & blueberry muffins on his birthday, and he took the leftovers to work with him. Anyway, Norah Kate & I hope he had a great birthday!
On Thursday night my parents and sister came and we did take David to Outback to celebrate. Here is a little picture of our family below. You can tell we were all worn OUT from the day...um...and that Norah Kate had just finished her carrots. :) Oh well!
Norah Kate did give her Daddy a good birthday present...she started CRAWLING on his birthday! Yay NK!!!

Then it was on to the Halloween festivities. NK really (obviously) did not care one thing about Halloween, but we had fun dressing her up and showing her off to the neighbors. She was Princess Leia (spelling???) and Chula was Yoda. We did go trick-or-treating to a few houses in our cove...but really just to meet our new neighbors and not really for the candy.
Below is a family picture from the night. You can tell David and I are really trying not to laugh. Our friends, Isaac & Sarah, came over that night and took some pics for us, and Isaac was "trying to get NK to smile for the camera." He definitely has his own way of doing that. Ha Ha!!!
Then we tried to get a few pictures of the celebrities...but they didn't really cooperate:

So we finally got this cute one of our little princess.
We are trying to settle in to our new home and new responsibilities here in Jackson. David and I really enjoy the town and the people that we've met. Hope to be able to post more soon! ...our little girl has a 8-month birthday coming up, so stay tuned!