David's surgery

David is home and doing well!!!

His surgery really did go well today. It was a L O N G day though. We were told to be there at 6:00am for his surgery @ 7:00am. Well, they took him back @ 6:30am and @ 7:00am the screen showed he was in pre-op. Well...about 7:45a I started wondering why he was STILL in pre-op and about that time the "nurse liaison" came to introduce herself and made the comment that his surgery wasn't until 11:00am. So I interrupted her and said "Did you say his surgery wasn't until 11?!" Anyway, to make a long story short I ended up leaving, going to see my patients at the clinic, and returning and STILL had to wait on him. So, all in all David was at the surgery for 10 hours! But he is doing well and really his pain is very minimal. I hope this continues!!!!! Thank you for all the prayers and comments!


Baby Debut & 14 months!

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!
We have had 2 new nieces born this week! Kennedy Anne Carothers was born Monday morning, May 10 @ 9:30am. She was 7lb 7oz and was 19inches long. David was able to make a quick trip up to Nashville Monday night to see her, but it was just too much (& too fast) for Norah Kate and I to go. We look forward to seeing her next week!!!

Here is Miss Kennedy Anne with Uncle David...unfortunately she's getting the shaft on this post because we don't have many pictures of her yet.
Then last night @ 3:30am my sister had her baby girl, Lexie Catherine Williams. Lexie was 8lb 10oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Here is Lexie seeing her momma for the first time!
1st Family picture!!! Lookin' good!
Look at that pudgy lip...pitiful!
Beautiful Mom and Baby!
Proud Daddy!
Norah Kate meeting her cousin for the first time and giving kisses
Mama Lynn with her granddaughters
Sweet cousins (I LOVE this picture!...don't worry...Norah Kate wasn't REALLY holding her) :)
Lexie and Auntie
Norah Kate got a little bored and thought up this idea on her own. I must say...she's pretty creative. As you can tell she thought this was very funny.
Don't worry though...our week's excitement hasn't ended yet! Friday morning David will be having surgery to repair his torn ACL and possible MCL tear. I really don't know what I am going to do with a 14 month old and a post-surgery husband who will probably be on lots of pain meds. So, I would appreciate any prayers you might could offer.

Since I probably won't have lots of time to post again I wanted to go ahead and include Norah Kate's 14 month update with this.
weight - 20 or 21 lbs (this was just done trying to stand her on our scale at home...might not be too accurate)
length...not sure and she's in bed so I can't find out right now :)
Nutrition - Anything and everything she can get her hands on!!! She has recently enjoyed being given a whole saltine cracker and holding it while she takes bites. She really does a good job.
Sleep - Usually from 8:30pm to 7:30 or 8:00am. She takes 2 naps most days and they are anywhere from 1-2 hours each.
Language - this is a trip! She can SIGN please, more, milk, and all-gone. She is understanding a lot of Spanish and can say "mas" and she has said "Hola" a couple of times. She is understanding English well and can say Chula, Mama, Dad...but only when she wants to. :)
Skills - WALKING...she is doing pretty good, but this is still mostly an on-and-off thing. She can also get down from the couch or chair by laying on her stomach and scooting off. She is playing much more independently these days...which is so nice :) She continues to give kisses, blow kisses, and she recently started giving "real" hugs (they are the BEST!!!). She can nod and shake her head as well to answer questions.

Well, I think that is about everything! Hopefully it won't be another month before I get on here! :) Goodnight!


Anniversary Date

David planned a WONDERFUL 5th anniversary date! When I (finally) got home from work Friday, he had surprised me by picking up the house and having 5 dozen Red roses waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also got me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure!! It is much appreciated...and much needed! Ha Ha!
Here are the first 3 dozen roses...
...and the other 2 dozen that he put by my side of the bed. Beautiful!
He arranged all the details for us to go to Memphis and eat at Texas de Brazil...YUM!
AND to then go to the Cheesecake Corner for dessert!!! So, I don't know how we always forget that our anniversary weekend is (almost always) Musicfest for Memphis in May. Well, we decided during dinner that it would probably be wise to either walk or take the trolley to the Cheesecake corner instead of trying to drive. So...here is David waiting on the trolley. *Side note: we lived in Memphis for 5 1/2 years and this was our FIRST time on the trolley!
Anyway, the trolley was taking a long time for the direction we wanted to go, so we ended up walking. Ugh...me in high heels. So now I have 2 pretty nice blisters, but it was SO WORTH IT! We did take the trolley back though. :)
I hate that we didn't get a picture at the Cheesecake Corner, but oh well. It was a beautiful night...perfect weather and the perfect temperature. 5 years seems to have flown by, but after all the excitement that God has brought us through, I am ecstatic to see how the next 5...or 50 go! I didn't know marriage could be this good.