Just wanted to post a few pics and give a little update on our status. David started his new job at Union this week! Many of you know that David is a man of few words (on serious things) but I really think he's having a great time. I am so happy for him. Things have been very crazy, though, with him being in Jackson all day every day, working out childcare for Norah Kate, and trying to sell our house. Our house has been on the market for 16 days, and we shown the house 11 times! We haven't heard any negative feedback, but we haven't received any offers either. :) Hopefully that will all change soon! Oh...and I need to find a job in Jackson :)
As you can see...Norah Kate is so proud of her Dad for his new job!


For Sale!

We're Moving! David has accepted a position to work in Campus Ministries at Union University in Jackson, TN. This is such an exciting time for us. David will be the Assistant Director of Mobilization...which means he will help coordinate the Go Trips (mission trips) and prepare the students going on those trips. He will also work with students who are looking into going into missions after college, as well as finding opportunities in the community for students to help (community development/missions). He is very excited about this position. I am excited about this next chapter in our life and I do feel better about raising a child/children in Jackson rather than Memphis. I am from a very small town, so I do feel like I am getting back to that a little. However, we are sad about leaving our friends and church here.

I just can't even hardly believe it when I see this "For Sale" sign in our yard. I mean, yes, our house is tiny and all, but we have worked so hard on it for the past 4 1/2 years! Since we bought this house we have completely redone all the landscaping (including planting grass), completely redone the kitchen (with all new appliances), created a utility room off the kitchen (with new washer/dryer), renovated the master bath (entirely), painted all the walls/rooms, refinished and restained all the hardwood floors, retiled the kitchen and master bath (including our shower!...thanks Pete), added faux wood blinds to all the windows, changed all the doorknobs and fixtures, replaced all but one of the ceiling fans, replaced all the light fixtures (inside and out), and hung new gutters! AND - besides the sheet rock (spelling???) work and installing the kitchen cabinets, we've done it all ourselves...with the help of some great friends and family (Thanks to Pete, Zach, David's parents, Ryan, and others). So, you can see why it is a little hard to allow someone else to own our little house. However, we know that it has been good to us, and can now be good for another family. ...plus...we can't fit in it anymore! Ha! :)
So far we've already had 3 people/families (and then 1 came a second time ...to total 4 viewings) come to view our house and it's only been on the market 5 days!!!

Norah Kate has been helping us start to pack up a few things...

In other news...Norah Kate started Mother's Day Out this past Thursday. Doesn't she look cute in her first day of school outfit! She will go on Thursdays and Fridays. Yes, it seems sort of silly to start her in this when we are about to move, but I have no idea how long it is going to take for our house to sell and for me to find a job in Jackson. So, until then, I need her to have a place to go while I work at St. Jude. :) Her teachers are wonderful, and I really feel comfortable with her there. (She seems to really like it as well.)

I can't believe it is only 1 1/2 weeks until she goes for her 6 month check up! I will keep everyone posted in the days ahead!


5 months!

Norah Kate was 5 months old yesterday!!! What a crazy last month it has been. I posted before about her not sleeping well on vacation...she has pretty much gone back to her old "good" sleeping habits. She has been rolling EVERYWHERE lately...this does cause some problems at night, but she's getting use to this as well.
Unfortunately she had her first little virus this past week. I felt so bad because we had been running errands on Tuesday and I just thought she felt hot from being outside & in her carseat...however, when she was still that hot after her nap I knew there was something going on. The highest temp she had was 100.9 that day, and she really didn't act like she felt bad. She was rubbing her ears, which she had not done before, so I tried to look in her ears...but only had adult sized probes and it wasn't working. Wednesday morning I took her to sick call at the Pediatrician's office so they could check her ears, but they said they were clear. Wednesday afternoon & Thursday morning she really didn't eat well, and was a little more fussy, but by last night she was afebrile. Yeah! Hopefully that's the end of that!
On other news, my Blackberry...which I LOVED...went MIA last week. I have just been SICK about this because my parents bought it for me for my MSN graduation gift last year. I guess I left it on the table at Olive Garden, and when I got home and realized it...tried to call it and it was already turned off. For a few days it was turned off at night and on during the day. So frustrating!!! If someone found it (especially with as fast as I realized it) why didn't they just turn it in - couldn't they see the picture of the cutest baby in the world on it?! Ug. Oh well. So...I am now the owner (I guess you could say "proud" except for the circumstances) of an iphone. I guess I would brag about this more, except I really just went to AT&T and said "What is the cheapest smartphone you have that can download pharmacology/medical information from the internet...and oh yeah, its not time for me to renew my contract." *smile* And they said...looks like the 2008 iphone. There you go. I do think David likes it even more than I do. Ha ha! Honestly, I just really feel blessed to have back up money for situations like this...even enough to still get the smartphone that helps me in my occupation as well.
Well, I guess that is everything new for now. Oh, by the way, Norah Kate weight 14 lb 6 oz when I took her in the other day...guess she likes those baby foods! :)