Long awaited (although possibly disappointing) post

I just happened to look at the date of my last post...and it was over 2 months ago!!! Wow! I knew we had been busy, but I just can't believe its been that long. So, unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but this will be informative.

Adoption - I would describe this as S L O W. Ethiopia has slowed the wait time again and so they have told us it will be 10-17 months from the time our dossier was sent (June). So, we wait.

Dad - Dad has had a great couple of months of "down time." He has stayed in remission (HUGE praise) and felt great. He and Mom headed back to Nashville Sunday afternoon to move in to "The Village at Vanderbilt." He will be undergoing a stem cell transplant. He had a central line placed today and will start his 8 days of chemotherapy tomorrow morning. On September 1 he will receive his stem cell transplant. Our prayer requests are for minimal side effects, no infections, and a "smooth" recovery period. He will be required to stay in Nashville for 100 days. You can follow his blog here: www.carepages.com and type in "reidpennington"

Everything else - We have been trying to keep the remainder of our summer as "normal" as possible. We have been able to visit with both sides of our family so that was nice. My job has really been busy for the past few weeks, so I am really trying to balance home-work-play life. I was asked to speak at a cancer conference in town a few weeks ago. I think it went well and I was excited to see several people I know there.
Norah Kate is at a great stage. I know I'm going to kick myself later for not keeping up with this blog as well for her more than anything. She will be 2 1/2 in September and is already wearing size 3T clothes. She is talking so much, singing songs, and just a TON of fun to be around. She recently started Parents Day Out on Tuesdays/Thursdays and has done so well. I still go in her room almost every night and spend a minute or two just watching her sleep and thanking God for such a wonderful gift.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns over the last few months. I really hope to catch up with this blog soon!