Happy Fall Y'all!

This week Norah Kate turned 7 months old!!! I just can't iterate enough how much of a good baby she is! These picture are technically her 6 month pictures...we had them taken about 3 weeks ago.
There isn't a whole lot new with NK. She is really just perfecting all of her "moves." She is SO CLOSE to crawling...she'll move her legs, but not her hands - which just ends in a face plant on the carpet. So far it hasn't been too bad. She is still eating 4 times a day, and usually 2 "baby food" meals. We are beginning to give her a lunch every once-in-a-while. Within the next month we will start the puffs. I still haven't really found anything that she just doesn't like. She is a great eater.
She goes to bed about 9pm and sleeps until 7am ...-ish...sometimes its later. However, she has also just started to talk to herself and entertain herself for awhile when she wakes up in the morning, so I guess we don't really know what time she is waking up! Ha!
As far as the move...well, this time next week we will be Jackson residents! We are moving Thursday, and it is hard to believe that the time has come. I am totally ready to not be living in limbo anymore...I do hope it is a nice move. :) Well, I better get to packing! Wish us luck :)