Our little dancer

So, I mentioned in my last post that Norah Kate has really gotten into listening to music and dancing. Well, this morning I had to wake her up to get ready for church, so I took my iphone in with me and had the Christmas music playing on Pandora. As I entered the room I found her asleep in her crib. As she heard the music, she opened her eyes, and before even sitting up she started "dancing" with her little body. So funny! She did end up sitting up and dancing...hand motions and all. Ha!


9 month stats

Our little girl has recently turned 9 months old...and has become even more fun (if you can imagine that!) I am really amazed when I look at her. I thank God so many times for giving her to us. Her little personality is just so exciting to see...she is happy and playful; inquisitive and mischievous at times; and calm and peaceful when it needs to be. David and I were talking the other day about how well she does when other people care for her. For example, we are in the process of looking for a new church home since we've moved, and she has been to so many different nurseries...without ANY problems!!! That has made it so much easier on us as well.
Here are some stats on her as of now:

-Crawling everywhere...and very fast, I might add...I don't know that I've seen a baby crawl as fast as her. Sometimes I worry about her falling on her face she goes so fast.
-Pulling up to a stand
-She is nursing just 3 times a day now
-Eating Breakfast, lunch, & dinner
-Loves the puffs and LOVES eating off of our plates. She wants everything we have. :)
-DANCING! Any time she hears music she starts dancing...even if she is nursing which is pretty funny to watch.
-Pointing her little finger...at anyone and everything. She will point to Chula and say "ooh ooh ooh..."
-She is babbling a lot. She is definitely trying to tell us something...what it is, I do not know. But she is enthusiastic about it.
-Sleeping great through the night, but she has starting waking up about 7:15 or 7:30...and if you know me, you know that this is NOT cool!!! :)
-She is obsessed with Chula (the dog).
-weighs 17.3 (25%)
-length 27.5 (between 50-75%)
-head circumference (don't remember, but she's still in the 50%)

We did have a recent "set-back" with her first bacterial infection. She was sick, sick. She started the antibiotic, Amoxicillin, and then the next morning was covered in whelps from head to toe. So...she was quickly switched to Zithromax and had a few doses of Benadryl and we were on our way again! :)

Here are a few of our most recent pictures. I do like them because I feel that they show her personality. Just havin' fun!

She has LOVED listening (& dancing) to the Christmas music, so we have it playing most all the time. We are exciting about her first Christmas coming up...and we hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!



Oh - I know, I know...it's been way too long. I can't believe that 2 months ago today we made our move to Jackson. I can't say that it feels like it was just yesterday...because I don't. I feel like it was at LEAST 2 months ago, if not more. We are getting more settled in our home and the town. In November we were able to go to Branson, MO with David's side of the family. While there we celebrated our Christmas and Thanksgiving = Christgiving is what we named it. :) It was so much fun and all the kids are getting to the age where they can play more. Here is a picture of Isabella (3) and Aiden (2) playing on the loft upstairs in the cabin.

Here is another cute one of the two of them at the bottom of the stairs. So sweet!
Norah Kate LOVED playing with her big cousins. As you can tell with this picture, she took everything in...
Such a sweet kiss from her big cousin, Isabella. All the kids (Isabella, Aiden, & Brooks) did really well with Norah Kate. You never know how kids that age will do around a baby, but they were more than wonderful and very gentle with her.
Here is David with Brooks (1) and Aiden. The movie, Cars was definitely the highlight of the week. I can't even tell you how many times it was played. :)

This was Christgiving morning - Norah Kate with her Grammy (David's mom). NK really enjoyed getting to see her grandparents.
And boy did she rack UP on the TOYS!!! Here she is with some of her loot...and her cute scarf!
Such a happy girl with her Daddy!!!
Merry Christgiving everyone!

And then it was on to Thanksgiving...
David's parents visited each of the 3 sons individually while they were in the states, and we were excited that our visit fell on Thanksgiving! We hosted it this year and had a housefull! (is that a word?) Anyway...We had his parents, my parents, my sister & her husband, and David's brother Jonathan & his family. It was so much fun and everyone interacted so well together.
As you can see from both of these pictures, the guys took their traditional places in front of the T.V. Ha Ha! No, they really did help out a lot...Dad even did the dishes! :)
Here is Aiden with Boo. The two of them were really missing their other dog, a pug named Hercules...who had surgery a few days before. Fortunately Hercules was okay and just had to stay at the vet to be observed for a couple of days.
NK with her Auntie Lauren...not that she wanted to look at the camera or anything...but at least she's smiling!
I love this picture! It looks like Aiden is hiding. So funny!

As you can see, we've had lots of fun, and lots of craziness lately (as always). Hopefully it won't be too long before I post again. :)