The Heart Update

Hey Everyone ~
Sorry it has taken me so long to update.  I was just able to talk to the nurse from the cardiology clinic on Thursday afternoon.  They said that I did have some premature beats, but it was nothing to worry about.  This is really all the information I was able to get from her...oh, and that the ECHO was normal...so I plan to just discuss it with my OB at my next appointment.  Thanks for all the notes and messages.  David and I appreciate you guys thinking of us!  I will try to actually post with some pictures soon...you need some time to get ready for that scene!  :)


I'm guessing it's not that bad...

Just wanted to write a little update to let you all know that I haven't forgotten to give results on the cardiology appointment...because I haven't received any results!  :)  So...I am guessing if it was a big deal I would have heard something - at least I hope they don't treat their heart attack and CHF patients this way (I know, that was mean).  But...I did expect to hear something before the weekend, and even called and left a message today.  They didn't call back though, so I guess we will find something out on Monday???  
In the meantime - the palpitations haven't really changed at all...not worse, not better - and after the last 2 days @ work - that is GREAT!  My manager, coworkers, and I were talking today about how there is a constant level of daily stress at St. Jude that we no longer think about. We've seemed to adapt to it, deal with it - and do not notice it until a new nurse comes along and you can see that they are terrified!  I can look back and see how this stress has effected my life and my body in the past, so I'm sure that it doesn't help with the heart palpitations.  However, I don't know that it is enough to make me give up what I love to do.   :) 
And God doesn't give us more than we can handle.


A Day at the Doctor(s)

Well...what a day.  I had a prenatal visit this morning (@ 8:40a.m. actually) and everything looked pretty good.  The baby is measuring right at 24 weeks - so right on track!  However, there was a little setback...with me, not the baby.  I had mentioned that I have been having heart palpitations (skipped beats...) for awhile and they were getting worse.  I assumed that this was due to the increase in blood volume.  

Time out - *I've had these palpitations off and on for years and as a result have had thyroid testing, etc....but they are just worse now and are happening several times a day.*

I've also noticed a vibrating type feeling in my chest at times.  Now, Let me just clarify that I've debated on whether or not to mention all this to the doctor with my last two visits and decided against it, but felt that I did not want to let this go by if it really was a problem.  From being in the medical field I KNEW that by me mentioning this it would call for a further work-up.

So...they referred me to a cardiologist.  Lovely.  
The good news - I was able to get in to the cardiologist today!
The bad news - umm....that I had to go to the cardiologist!

Now it is about 3:30pm and I've been to the cardiologist, had a complete work-up including an ECHO (ultrasound of the heart) and am required to wear a Holter (heart) monitor for 24 hours...yeah.  I know you can tell that I'm just thrilled about all this.  :)
But in all seriousness - I really think everything is okay and neither doctor said or did anything to make me think otherwise.  "We" are just taking these precautions to make sure that this isn't anything that could cause a problem during labor.  I fully expect to either get a good (negative) report back on everything or just find that there is a minor valve problem that can just be watched.  

So...lesson learned - Keep your mouth shut at the doctor!  No, just kidding  :)  I am kind of laughing about all this (thankfully) because for those of you who know Jenn, know that a similar situation happened with her when she was pregnant with Wyatt.  It's good to know others who have gone through this.  :)  

I'll post again with the results...along with several other posts that I need to catch up on!  :)