Five on Friday

1. Norah Kate had her PE tubes placed & adenoids removed this morning. She did GREAT and now we are back home. She was pretty fussy just after surgery, but calmed down after about 10 minutes. She is now sleeping soundly in her bed. Thanks for the prayers!!!

2. Haven't heard anything else on the adoption this week. BUT we have reviewed everything and we have all of our papers/references/etc. ready so when we do hear something we are ready to send everything in.

3. Smocking is going well. I have learned about all the basics I can learn...just need to actually smock a dress or outfit now!!!

4. Tonight is our women's retreat at our church. I am not sure that I'm going to make it...I'll have to see how Norah Kate is doing & how David feels about staying here with her. We'll see.

5. I'll end with a picture of the morning. This was just before they took her back to surgery. :)


Tubes Tomorrow!

Just wanted to asks for prayers for Norah Kate. She will be having PE tubes placed & her adenoids removed around 8:00am. Thanks!! David & Nekayeh


Five on Friday

1. We heard back from the government form! We received a form in the mail yesterday saying that they received our application, everything was correct and...to wait for the next form that will give us more instructions on what to do next. Ha Ha! Hey, at least we heard something!

2. Didn't make it to smocking class this week...but for good reason. Had a great dinner with good friends.

3. Work has been pretty slow this week. This is a great blessing, but I can't help but feel a little nervous about what that means for the upcoming weeks.

4. I am procrastinating on doing Jillian Michael's 30-day shred by writing this post. :) That lady might just be evil. Just kidding!

5. I probably will not post again before Monday, so I will wish an early 81st birthday to my grandmother, Mama Joyce!!!


Joining the club...

"Hey, Norah Kate...what club are you joining?"
NK: "Huh?"
"The PE tubes club." NK: "Ohhhhhhh."
"How do you feel about that?" NK: ...no response...
So, yes, next Friday Norah Kate will be having PE tubes placed in both ears and having her adenoids removed. I just have to sigh as I write this. I honestly NEVER thought Norah Kate...or any future kids...would have to have tubes, but I was wrong! Norah Kate had her first ear infection in October (yes, just a few months ago). However, she's only been off antibiotics for 3 weeks total since then! It seems that she just cannot get rid of the fluid behind her ears. She woke up with blood coming out of her right ear last Sunday morning and I really thought that she had perforated her ear drum. However, when I took her into the pediatrician, he said both ears were fine. "HUH???" I just could not believe this was true since she spent the rest of the day walking around and holding her right ear and saying "Ears, Mama, ears." So...I talked to one of the ENT doctors in our clinic and he was VERY gracious to see her Tuesday afternoon. He confirmed that she STILL had fluid (not necessarily infected) and that with her history since October, he did not think it would get better any time soon (he said at least not until mid-summer IF then). Since she seems to not be hearing so great much of the time (talks very loud in public, can only pronounce about 3 or 4 words correctly; most words that she says are NOT pronounced correct, etc.) So...tubes we go. When we were talking to him and his partner we came to the realization that her adenoids are most likely enlarged as well and so we just decided that we would "kill two birds with one stone." I know that she needs this procedure, but it is so hard to sign papers that your child may be put to sleep with general anesthesia. Please pray with us that she would be safe during and after surgery, that she would have a quick recovery and that she would not have any more issues related to her ears/adenoids in the future.

Valentine's Day

Happy Late Valentine's Day! (well, I guess its not too bad since I never posted on Christmas...or did I???)
Anyway! We had a low-key V-Day. David and I were able to go on a date last Saturday night to eat and to a movie (The King's Speech...was great!)
Honestly, I doubt that Norah Kate even knew it was a "different" day on Monday, but she did get a few new books and a couple of cards. She was happy!

Here is Norah Kate in her cute Valentines outfit!
She LOVED opening a gift! Ha ha!


5 on Friday...on Saturday

I forgot to do my Five on Friday... :(

1. Norah Kate had her 23 month birthday this week! That means next month will be PARTY time for the big 2 year old. I'm so proud of her. She is so much fun and has really been improving on her sleeping this week. She is 27lb and about 34 inches tall. She can tell you that her birthday is "Maouch ix" (March 6) Yay!

2. We are still waiting to hear from USCIS about being fingerprinted for our I600A form. That is the big government form and I HOPE HOPE HOPE we hear something this week!!!

3. My mom and my grandmother (Mama Joyce) came through yesterday. It was good to see them, but it is so funny how much Norah Kate loves Mama Joyce! She can only say "Joyce!" Ha! The other day when we were talking to them on the phone we hung up without saying goodbye to Mama Joyce and it very much disturbed Norah Kate. She kept saying "Oh! Joyce!, Oh Joyce! Bye Joyce!" ...so we had to call back and tell her goodbye :)

4. This was a great (easy) week at work. I had several cancellations with the snow/ice, and so I was able to get some extra things done that have been hanging over my head. ...AND stay caught up on everything else.

5. My smocking class is going well. Our teacher this week told me that I have "great stitches." Ha! David is not going to let that one go. BUT...we will see how this goes. I definitely want to have this knowledge, but EVERY PERSON ON THE EARTH knows that I do NOT have time for one more thing in my life! Although its a great stress reliever...we'll see.


Five on Friday

So...I'm totally stealing this idea of "Five on Friday" from several friends, but hey, whatever gets me blogging, right?! So, here goes:

1. David and I are a little frustrated with the adoption goings...we've had another form sent back to us that we had to redo. However, David reminded me last night that even though WE feel like we are way behind our anticipated schedule, God isn't. I know He is sovereign and that He has everything under control. My flesh on the other hand...

2. Norah Kate had a VERY hard time with us going to Israel it seems (for those of you who didn't know, David and I were in Israel for 11 days and return almost 2 weeks ago). We have had a total of 2 nights of her sleeping through the night now, so hopefully that is a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. I was able to leave work today and have NOTHING that I had to do (for work) this weekend. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I'm learning to smock.

5. Tonight we saw Norah Kate tip over this vase with grass decorations in it. She started running away and I said "Norah Kate, did you tip the bucket over?" She said "No." I said "Norah Kate, you are not in trouble, just tell me if you knocked it over." She said "No." I said "NK, when you do something like that and Mama asks you if you did it and you say no, that is called lying. You need to tell me the truth and that means saying Yes if you did do it." She replied "Ooohhh." Me: " So...did you knock over the bucket?" NK: "No." I turn my head in disbelief an look at David, who has his head turned the other way LAUGHING. Finally he said "NK, did you bump into the bucket." She replied "Yeah, Dad."