30 week appointment

Well, it seems like the only thing I post these days are the doctor's appointments.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll get a Christmas post in soon.  :)  
I had my 30 week appt last Friday and she is still measuring right at 30 weeks.  Her heart beat was in the 160s too.  My doctor added that if she had to guess @ this point she would  be about 7 1/2- 8 lbs @ birth.  That's not too bad, but it did make me a little nervous seeing as how she was saying this 10 weeks away from the big day!  We are happy that she is growing well and healthy, so I'll take what I can get with that.  

On another note, David and I had a great Christmas, and hope all of you did too.  We were able to see both sides of the family, attended my cousin, Ross', wedding, and spent Christmas eve and day with David's family.  We are very spoiled and learned that our little girl is already spoiled as well! Like I said - I hope to get some pictures up here soon.  


28 Week check-up!

Can you believe I am 28 weeks already?!  I had my glucose test today and passed!!!  Yeah!  I did get a little nervous about it because it seems like everyone I know has failed the first one (the 1-hour test).  So, I was really excited - the lab lady said "Oh, you were nowhere near failing."  Yeah! Other than that our baby girl is measuring right at 28 weeks, so I guess things are on track.  
Now...if we could only get some of this house work done...and the nursery set up.  I think we destroyed our house this weekend moving the guest bed and dresser into the office and combining those rooms.  We now have stuff everywhere, which has been pretty stressful for me...but we've been working really hard and I am starting to see things come together.  They nursery is full of junk now...we have to store some things and go through other things, but it will all work out - it has to, right?!  It doesn't really help that it is Christmas time and we have presents and boxes on top of our usual stuff that we are sorting through.  Oh well - I love this season, so I'm not going to complain about that!!!
 I will try to get some pictures up when I get everything together, but I am having trouble "shrinking" my pictures on this imac.  It will let me shrink them, but when I save it and go back in it is the same size as when I started (which is pretty big).  So...we'll see.  
Anyway, just wanted to give a little update - hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!