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Adoption Update! ...we F I N A L L Y mailed in our Dossier. I'm almost speechless to tell you just how relieved we were to send this in. I mean, we applied for this adoption almost A YEAR AGO!!!!! Yes, we have been through many many many many (you get the idea) frustrations with this process, but hopefully we can relax just a little since there is nothing else that is technically our responsibility. Each time we move a little closer to bringing our boy home, I get so excited. I know that we still have quite a wait (probably 7-10 months), and I know that we still have a lot to do but I just can't help but get excited. Please continue to pray for our son and wisdom in the decisions that we make.

Mailing our dossier
In other news...Dad is doing well. We found out on Wednesday that he is still in remission!!! He has started his first cycle of consolidation chemo. I think they are wanting him to have a bone marrow transplant for too long. We would really appreciate your continued prayers...he is not out of the woods yet! But as you can see below, he is feeling well and we are enjoying quality time with him :)

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